A Buckeye’s guide to nailing the perfect DIY Halloween costume

Time to get a little spooky

That's right Buckeyes, only 10 days until Halloween. If you've been swamped with midterms and haven't had a chance to pull a costume together, then this is the guide for you. I've compiled a list of the best DIY costumes for your college budget.

With all the money you'll save on costumes like these, you'll still have enough left in your bank account to buy your dignity back the morning after Halloween.


Who doesn't love a little wine? Cut holes in a cardboard box for your arms, legs, and head. Blow up a picture of a Franzia label on your computer, print it out, and paste it to the box. Cut a hole for the bag spout and voila.

Alcohol Bottle

Choose or find a dress that closely resembles the bottle of your favorite alcohol. A plain, thrifted dress will work if you don't own one. Design a bottle label yourself using paper and supplies around your house. If you're not artistically inclined, find an image online to enlarge and print. Tie the sign around your neck with some string to complete this top shelf look.

Frat Bro

Borrow a large button-down shirt from a friend. Khaki or colored shorts are perfect if you're going for that Vinyard Vines look, while black spandex make your costume slightly more flirtatious. Complete the look with Sperry's or another pair of boat shoes. Top off the costume by accessorizing with sunglasses and a backwards hat.

Greek Goddess

This is a little twist on the classic toga. Find a white bralette for the top and tie a white sheet around your waist as a skirt—but be sure to wear spandex underneath. A pair of gladiator sandals or a strappy shoe completes the look. Accessorize with a flashy headband and some gold jewelry to give the costume a little shine.

Men in Black

If you're wondering what to do with that suit you bought and wore once, transform yourself into one of the Men in Black. If you don't have a suit, thrift a black jacket, black dress pants, and a white button down. Top it off with a pair of black sunglasses for a bit of mystery.

The Belcher Family

Depending on which Belcher you are at heart, most of your costume can be thrifted. For Tina's look, a light blue shirt, a dark blue skirt, and a pair of tube socks make up most of the costume. Accesorize with black converse and Tina's signature black framed glasses. Wig optional.

Solo Cup

An oversized red crew neck or long-sleeved shirt gives the costume more of a dress look. Spell SOLO down the left side of the top with iron on letters from a craft store. Tall red socks with white Converse are optional if you want to keep with the color scheme. Using string and ping pong balls, thread the ping bong balls onto the string to make the perfect necklace.

Dancing Girl Emojis

A black shirt and black shorts make up most of this simple costume. Grab a black tutu, a pair of bunny ears, and black shoes to transform into one fabulous emoji.

God's Gift to Women

Cut holes in a cardboard box for your arms, legs, and head. Wrap the box in the wrapping paper of your choosing. Cut a piece of paper or cardstock into the shape of a tag and write "To: Women From:God".

Sometimes you have to get creative on a college budget for Halloween. If you can't afford a $50 costume from the store, a little ingenuity goes a long way.

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