Of course a lawyer from Michigan is going to sue OSU for refusing to let a white nationalist speak

Surprise, surprise, Richard Spencer’s lawyer is from Michigan

Kyle Bristow, the lawyer representing Richard Spencer, threatened Ohio State with a lawsuit last week if they refused to offer a space for Spencer to speak. He claims that Spencer will host a protest on campus if Ohio State denies them again, so get your snarky memes and protest signs ready.

Bristow has held off on legal action at this time, but here's the kicker, he's from Michigan. The University of Cincinnati, who also denied the first request for Spencer to speak, has agreed to host him. Ohio State continues to cite the concern for their student's safety as the reason they will explore alternative options. I'm sure it comes as no surprise that a lawyer who works almost exclusively with the white nationalist group hails from that state up north.

As if Bristow wasn't already douchey enough, his Twitter cover photo shows he and Spencer brandishing cigars. Both of them wear uncomfortable smirks, sitting side by side like they're on an awkward first date.

Bristow is that guy in high school who flaunted mommy and daddy's money, but exclusively wore polo shirts from Aeropostale and khaki cargo shorts. Maybe he and Jim Harbaugh go shopping for their wardrobes together. He shares photos that look like sad attempts for an album cover to go with what he thinks is a "fire" mixtape. He would most definitely tell you to check out his SoundCloud in an unironic way.

Less than a day ago, Bristow posted a gif on Twitter showing a tiki torch burning on a beach. This may seem out of place, but if you've kept up with the news, an angry group of white nationalists carried tiki torches during the deadly Charlottesville rally in August. The scene looked like a modern day witch hunt. At the very least, Bristow's sharing of the image was in poor taste.

Take a scroll through Bristow's Twitter if you're looking for some high quality entertainment during a boring class. It's always fun to watch grown men act like offended pre-pubescent boys. Watch as he blames the left for everything and "hails" Richard Spencer much like people hailed Hitler.

Coming from Michigan may not be the worst thing about Kyle Bristow, but it definitely makes him unlikable.

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