Female student followed by man in Prior Library

‘I noticed a shifty-looking guy staring at me’

The night of October 10th, an OSU student was followed by a "shifty-looking guy" while studying in the Prior Library. She first noticed him at the Medical Center where she stopped to grab a snack according to a tweet sharing information about the incident. While standing in line she noticed a man staring at her "who quickly looked away" when she looked toward him. The strange behavior was enough to make her feel uncomfortable.

As the student made her way out of the Medical Center, watching the man as she left, she noticed that he continued watching her while getting up to leave. Later that night, after studying on the 4th floor of the Prior Library, as she packed up her things to leave she noticed the man from earlier had been sitting at the table behind her. The man packed up his things at the same time and followed her to the elevator, but thankfully there were other people present.

"He was walking behind me after I got out of the elevator/walked out of the building, so I suddenly doubled back pretending like I forgot something so that I would be walking behind him instead", the tweet read. The man then crossed the street, keeping his eye on the student while walking very slowly.

Luckily her friend walked her home while the man continued to watch them, likely hoping they would go their separate ways. If you find yourself in a similar situation be sure to stick with a group and don't hesitate to contact the police.

We reached out to the author of the tweet for comment but she has yet to respond

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