Richard Spencer threatens to sue Ohio State for refusing to let him speak

A previous request from his team was denied last month

Well known white nationalist Richard Spencer has been battling for a space to speak on Ohio State's campus. A previous request filed by Georgia State University student Cameron Padgett on Spencer's behalf asking Ohio State to host him was denied.

An attorney for Spencer claims that he is prepared to sue if the university refuses to find a space for him to speak on campus. His attorney, Kyle Bristow, sent an email to Ohio State on Sunday calling the refusal unfair, "I imagine similar reviews are not required of politically left-wing events on campus, and your 'review' is therefore unconstitutionally discriminatory in and of itself." Bristow specializes in providing services to the Alt-Right.

The justification Ohio State gave for the refusal of the initial request was the safety of their students and those in the community. The university wanted to ensure Spencer could be "accommodated without substantial risk to the safety of our students, faculty, staff and guests." He has been known to draw large crowds and was the organizer of the Charlottesville rally in August which led to multiple injuries and one death.

Ohio State isn't the only university to resist Spencer's efforts to speak, he has filed multiple lawsuits against a number of US colleges. He has give Ohio State a deadline to make their decision by Friday before taking legal action.

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