Mysterious DeepThink fliers posted on Ohio State campus

Who is DeepThink?

A few days ago, Ohio State students began noticing random fliers posted on light poles and benches scattered throughout campus.

Each poster conveys what seems to be various anonymous comments about fraternities, campus bars, and other subjects. It appears that students can submit their anonymous thoughts via email or Twitter for the group DeepThink to share publicly.

A quick Google search for DeepThink OSU, the group named on the fliers, turned up nothing. The Twitter handle provided on the fliers doesn't lead to a current account, but there is a similarly named account that has one follower and zero activity. There was also no activity on the lone follower's account.

The bottom of each poster reads, "WE WANT TO HELP. SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS WITH US. EMAIL: [email protected] TWITTER: @DEEPTHINKOSU."

It remains unclear at this time what the point of these fliers or the group DeepThink is.

Ohio State