Too’s Spirits Under High will celebrate last day with 22 hours of Too’s

Thanks for the memories

The future of Too's has been uncertain for over a year. Despite the construction surrounding the building, owner Scott Ellsworth has been fighting to keep Too's open until now with overwhelming support from the Ohio State community.

Last Friday, he announced the closure of Too's in a tweet from the bar's official Twitter account. The gravestone for Too's will mark its end as October 30th, 2017.

In true college dive bar fashion, Too's will go out with a bang by giving the people what they want—22 hours of Too's. The bar will open bright and early at 5am on October 30th, giving day drinking a whole new meaning. So grab your friends and raise a glass to another campus favorite gone too soon. Whether you're a regular or you've never stepped foot inside, help celebrate the legacy of Too's before it's too late.

For years, students and alumni have considered Too's a second home. Not to mention, any poor sucker who ordered a Tidal Wave shot always provided endless entertainment on a night out. When you find yourself missing Too's, go give Thr3es some love on the corner of West Norwich and High.

It's hard to see another piece of campus culture taken away in the name of luxury development, but the spirit of Too's will live on. High Street won't be the same without it.

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