Man harassing women, making lewd comments near North Campus

‘He banged loudly on my door and woke me up’

There have been multiple reports of a man knocking on apartment building doors, making suggestive comments to women, and in some cases following them in the north/off campus area.

In a safety notice issued by Buckeye Real Estate, the man is described as "A white male, 5'8" stocky build (might have blueish sunglasses)". He has been known to ask for female residents. It also says that CPD has been tipped off and is aware that he has been following women.

OSU student Brooke Stanley, who experienced harassment from the man first-hand told The Tab, "He banged loudly on my door and woke me up around 11 am, so I answered and he asked for a Jessica. I told him there was no Jessica here, and he was very apologetic and left." He then knocked again about half a minute later and asked her if she "wanted to do what Jessica does" and gestured suggestively to his groin.

Weeks after the initial incident the man knocked on her door again. This time Stanley's boyfriend answered the door and the man eventually went away. That same day, the man went to the building across the street and asked a woman there for someone named Deborah. He eventually told her "I'm just trying to get some pussy" and she then called the police.

Stanley said that she has friends who have had similar run ins with the same man on campus. Remember to be cautious when walking on or off campus, especially alone. Try to walk with a group if you are by yourself and don't answer the door if you're not expecting company.

If you or anyone you know have any information about this man don't hesitate to call the police.

Call the police non-emergency line for tips at (614) 645-4545.

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