Ohio State ranks among Top 100 National Universities

It’s the best school in Ohio

US News and World Report have at last released their annual ranking of the top universities in the nation. Out of 311 schools The Ohio State University was ranked #54, putting us ahead of other popular schools in Ohio. With Miami University at #78, Ohio University at #151, and University of Cincinnati at #133, I think it's safe to say that OSU is the best school in the state.

Along with our top 100 ranking, we have other impressive ranks on a smaller scale within the university. The business school was named #12 in Quantitative Analysis, #10 in Accounting, and #6 in Supply Chain Management/Logistics.

Unfortunately, we were ranked under University of Michigan which wound up at #28 overall. We did beat Michigan State though at a whopping #81. It's the little things people.

Ohio State also beat out some past football rivals: Clemson and Alabama at #67 and #110 respectively. They may have scored more points than us on the field, but we intercepted this one.

The methodology US News uses for ranking schools includes 15 indicators of educational excellence including: graduation and first-year student retention rates, undergraduate academic reputation, faculty resources, and graduation rate performances.

Not only do we belong to one of the best communities in the country, but we are getting one of the best educations in the nation while we're here. Go Bucks!

Feature Image: cleveland.com

Ohio State