This freshman sent her dormmates to Wendy’s when they asked the GroupMe where the party was

‘Half the group was extremely mad’

An OSU freshman has pulled off the first great practical joke of the semester.

Emily Koch was sitting with her friends in Wendy's when she received a GroupMe message from a girl in her dorm, asking if anyone was at a party. Koch replied with the address to Wendy's.

Koch told The Tab: "Me and four friends were at Wendy's on Friday night and got a text from a girl asking where a party was. I decided it would be funny if we sent the address of the Wendy's we were at, because we thought it would be hilarious if 10 people showed up to Wendy's thinking that it was a party."

The group of ten that Koch and her friends were expecting ended up doubling in size by the time they arrived at Wendy's.

"The funny part was that they actually did show up with 20+ people," she said.

"They waited outside the restaurant for us to come out. When we did, half the group, including the girl who originally asked about the party, were extremely mad, because they had gotten ready to go out and showed up to what they thought was a party only to realize it was Wendy's.

"So the half that was mad left and the other half stayed and we bonded over how funny the whole experience was."

Her tweet about the prank has since gone viral and the reactions are hilarious.

Maybe I've finally gotten to the age where eating sounds like more fun than going to an overly crowded party, but I would have been excited if I had shown up to that Wendy's. Take notes, this is how you get your college career off to a good start.

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