What happens when you don’t love your school as much as you thought you would

I’m talking about the “T” word

"So you go to OSU? You must love it!" For a while, I could agree with this statement, but soon I realized how fake I had been with myself about how I was feeling. I told people I loved my school, but I genuinely only loved how crazy block was, how sweet it was to go to Midway on almost any night of the week, and how good it felt to say I go to THE Ohio State University. But, is that enough?

You may have thought you would never consider transferring, but here are some signs you may not be as happy with your school as you want to be.

You don't feel like yourself anymore

Coming to college definitely changes you, but it shouldn't be in a negative way. Feeling like you’re having a hard time holding on to your positive assets or that your attitude has changed could be signs that your school isn't making a positive impact. I used to be incredibly loud and very willing to be the center of attention in high school, but now, I feel nervous speaking in front of a class and I don’t feel as comfortable with myself as I once was.

You're not willing to try to make friends or get involved

Although I've met plenty of people, I imagined I'd meet friends I could tell my life story to, just like the ones I have from home. Getting involved is a part of the college experience, and if it feels like you have no interest in that anymore, then it could definitely be a sign that you’re college experience isn't as fulfilling as it could be. It's not normal to feel so unmotivated when it comes to making friends or getting involved in things other than schoolwork.

You don't have FOMO when you see your friends having a good time without you

Now this should really say something. If you’re not the least bit upset that your friends are out on a Saturday night while you're studying, then you probably aren’t very happy with life at your college. No matter how crazy the party, it sucks to say that I don’t mind missing out when I have to.

You're not trying as hard as you can academically

Although for some people it might be a problem within their major, it never used to be a problem for me. I knew that something was wrong when I tried to skate by classes and felt more pressure than excitement.

You know that you might miss it, but it's not enough to convince you to stay

There are things you'd miss incredibly if you left, but still having thoughts about transferring shows that the positive aspects (as positive as they might be) just aren't enough. Four years is a long time to commit to a place you aren't sure about.

You feel like you need to do something about it

Leaving is hard, but it could be worse to never find out what you're missing out on. You may have thought you knew yourself, and you may have thought you'd never question your future at your school. It doesn't mean you should regret the time spent at your school or the memories you made. If that feeling in your gut is telling you something, don't ignore it.

Block, Buckeye game days, Scott traditions, and the opportunities I thought I might carry out…well, it was lovely knowing you, but what else is out there?

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