Everything your RA needs you to know about living in the dorms

Please, for the love of Brutus, puke in the toilet

Everyone has an idea of what an RA is and what we do, but unless you are one you don't really “get" it. We live in a fishbowl where everything we say and do is being watched by everyone (especially by the university that employs us).

This can make us come across a bit cold or maybe even seem like the dreaded stiff. Really guys we just want to keep our jobs and our sweet, sweet, free housing. Here are the true feelings of your RA this year…probably.

We would do anything in our power to not have to write you up, so don't make us do it

It's awkward for you and it's awkward for us, especially if you're on our floor. Let's try not to break university policies too much this year, like ripping a door off the bathroom stall.

And no, we can't not write that one.

We want to help you with the little things just not at 2am

We'll probably need to talk about time management too because I am a grade A procrastinator and even I can get it together before 1.

For the love of god please puke in the toilet

Nothing beats pulling out the vomit powder for carpet incident #243.

Carpet incident #243 is a real incident where we found puke in the hallway that then continued all the way to the bathrooms. Instead of getting it all out in the toilet, said resident decided to puke all over the shower and shower floor. And yes, they left it for everyone to find the next morning.

If you tear down our wall decorations, we will never forget…never

I've only had small decorations taken and found them in resident's rooms, which is funny more than anything else. To be honest I might be flattered that you find it nice enough to make it wall art. For those aiming to destroy all the hard-work their RA put in at the beginning of the year I just have one question: why?

Please check Google first

Someone honestly asked me where The Shoe was and I thought I was going to pass out right there.

We want to be friends with you

But the kind of friends that will still hold you accountable when you royally mess up.

We are heartbroken whenever people don't attend our programs

Especially when there's a speaker. Faculty is crazy hard to get our hands on and if you don't show up then they won't come back. Plus it's super awkward.

We don't think we're the police and we don't want to be

I get questions a lot when people ask about Incident Reports that involve cops. We are not the police. We may have to call them but beyond reporting the incident we have no control over what happens to you.

We want you to succeed

I applied this for this job for a reason. Yes, it looks great on a résumé and yes the free housing is nice but my I work 24/7 and I live where I work. I wouldn't have signed on to do this if I didn't get something more rewarding out of it. For me it's about connecting with the people I have on my floor, sharing with them all the ups and downs college life can bring, and obtaining an enormous collection of weird stories to pass on.

No two people do the job the same way, but we all want you to make it great out here at THE Ohio State University. Next time your RA asks you to come to a program or to grab a coffee with them for a one-on-one, do us a favor and say yes!

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