Unidentified suspects threaten to ‘shoot up’ OSU campus and indicate the location of possible bombs

Law enforcement have searched campus and determined the threat to not be credible

Around 2 am on Monday morning, the Columbus Division of Police alerted OSUPD of a threat to Ohio State’s campus.

In a Public Safety Notice, the Department of Public Safety alerted the Ohio State community that suspects made several unsubstantiated threats, saying they were going to “shoot up campus” and that they had placed bombs in duffel bags around the school. The suspects indicated that one bomb was placed near the entrance of a library.

OSUPD responded to the threat immediately and found an unidentified bag near the SEL, one of Ohio State’s academic libraries located on 18th avenue. The police evacuated the building while the bag was investigated and eventually cleared by law enforcement.

The rest of Ohio State’s libraries were closed and searched overnight and the investigation turned up nothing.

The Ohio State University Police have determined the threat to not be credible, but will remain vigilant and visible on campus throughout the day.

Members of the Ohio State community are encouraged to report any suspicious activity or behavior they might see by calling 614-292-2121, or by dialing 9-1-1 in emergencies.

More to follow.

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