Just a bunch of really cool caps decorated by Ohio State students

Basic AF but I love it

The latest trend in college graduation is to take the time that you should be studying and reallocate it to spending a shameless amount of hours decorating your graduation cap instead. It has become an art form, requiring hours of work and very little payoff except wearing it once and Instagraming it forever (and the added bonus that it distracts from the fact that graduation caps make your head look like an egg).

The point is, you worked way too hard on your cap to not have it showcased. So we put together a list of some of the coolest caps at Spring Commencement.

Some went for iconic quotes from even more iconic movies

Can't believe I'll be graduating from the best university in the world!!! Go bucks, forever and always!!! #osugrad ❤️

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I did a thing today! #osu #osugrad #ohiostate #theohiostateuniversity #Ohio #graduation #buckeyeforlife #buckeyes

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Some paid tribute to their time at Ohio State

It's Now How You Start It's How You Finish #Congrats @Cardale_7 #OSUGrad As Always #GoBucks #BuckeyesFollowBuckeyes

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Check out our story to see how the #classof2017 got creative with their #osugrad caps ?? . . . ? @knsmith_

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Congratulations, class of 2017. You did it?

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No matter where I go, forever a Buckeye #nextstopnyc?#osugrad

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Some held on even tighter to their childhood with a classic Disney reference

If all else fails, you can never go wrong with an inspirational quote

If you weren’t convinced by their diplomas, then these grad caps should be proof that these students are gonna go far in life, like all the way to Hobby Lobby or Michael’s, for sure.

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