LIVE UPDATES: Man arrested outside North Rec Center identified

The man was charged with public indecency

UPDATE [4/10/17, 2:55 pm]: In a statement released to The Tab Ohio State, Dan Hedman, Ohio State’s Director of Marketing and Communications confirmed “Alan Cruz Mendez was charged with Public Indecency by CPD involving an incident along N. High St.”

In Ohio, a person can be charged with Public Indecency for one of three reasons: exposing their private parts, engaging in sexual conduct or masturbation, or engaging in conduct that to an ordinary observer would appear to be sexual conduct or masturbation.

A man was arrested at around 10:30pm on Sunday night outside of North Rec, one of Ohio State’s recreation facilities. He was picked up on Neil Ave outside of the facilities.

The Ohio State Police Department helped assist the Columbus Police Department in arresting Mendez.

Dan Smyth, an Ohio State senior and eyewitness on the scene saw police officers arrest the man. He said that just moments after the arrest another cop car arrived on the scene, as well as a chopper.

The man was wearing a white shirt with a black backpack and a skateboard.

Multiple female Ohio State students have accused a man who matches that description of following them near campus. He was described to The Tab Ohio State by an anonymous source as a “20-25 year old male, Asian or Hispanic, wearing a white t-shirt, black jeans and backpack.”

Tonight’s arrest has not been connected to these reports.

More to follow.

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