This Ohio State student tricked his entire dorm into thinking they were in trouble for masturbating too much

He put a letter under someone’s door and 10 seconds later heard a scream

Earlier this week, The Tab Ohio State debunked a letter claiming the Smith-Steeb showers were being clogged by “large quantities of semen.” The letter began popping up all over the Internet, and students everywhere were falling for it — probably because there’s some truth to the claims.

After debunking the claim, the genius behind the prank revealed his identity, and shared with us exactly how he accidentally sent his entire dorm, and the Ohio State community, into a frenzy.

Max is a resident of Smith-Steeb residence hall, a freshman majoring in Political Science, and the mastermind behind the prank.

How did you come up with the idea to do this?

I was sitting with a few of my friends on April 1 and we decided we wanted to pull a prank but didn’t want to actually have to do much. Then one of us remembered an old fake shower letter from ASU so we decided why not do our own take of that. Then I spent probably a half hour coming up with the language and an hour trying out different templates to make it look official.

Would you say most people fell for it?

Yes absolutely. We only put the letters on one floor, and they somehow were put up on the Snap story and tons of people were talking about it. We were blown away at the response and how big it got.

How many letters did you print in total?

I think exactly 50, under the doors of only one floor. We were just shocked at the number of retweets and likes on some of the tweets getting 500+ for what was meant as an inner floor joke.

What’s the best reaction you’ve seen so far?

In person the funniest was when we put it under one door and no less than 10 seconds later we heard screaming in the room. Sunday night there were sewer trucks up and down south for a definitely unrelated issue and I heard tons of people saying “Oh my gosh I thought the letter was fake.”

Does anyone know it was you?

Yeah half the floor was laughing at different parts of the weekend and it was great because the prank didn’t hurt anyone. A bunch of my friends know and I’m sure a fair number of others suspect it was me, as I’m a big jokester.

Have you pulled any other pranks in the dorm?

Unfortunately no, although me and my friends are already thinking up a good sequel. We have to keep it under wraps but if it goes well I’ll send over the details.

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