Ohio State ranks number one for school spirit

It is official, Ohio State has the best damn fans in the land

College Magazine recently ranked the top ten colleges with the most school spirit. Ohio State took home the trophy, surpassing the University of Florida for first place. Only two other Big 10 schools, Michigan State and Indiana, made the list.

Dayton, another Ohio school, cracked the top ten as well–ranking above both other Big 10 schools to fill the number four slot.

The best part is the University of Michigan did not even make the list.

The list reads as follows:

1.) The Ohio State University

2.) University of Florida

3.) University of Alabama

4.) University of Dayton

5.) Stanford University

6.) University of Kansas

7.) Indiana University

8.) University of Louisville

9.) Michigan State University

10.) University of Missouri

For any Buckeye fan, this victory comes with little surprise, especially when you consider that last year Ohio State secured a number one ranking for best stadium in the Big 10. Anyone who has ever been a student here knows that Buckeye fans are the most passionate around, and this list is a testament to that.

From screaming “O-H-I-O rip his fucking head off,” to singing Carmen with your arms wrapped around your friends’ shoulders, Ohio State truly embraces school spirit like no other.

Only at Ohio State will 90,000 people show up for a spring football game, refuse to use the letter M for an entire week in November, and have students who fully embrace pepper spray and tear gas after winning a National Championship.

Think I’m wrong? Just try to name another college with fans devoted enough to jump into a freezing cold lake in November. I’ll wait.

Ohio State