Another female student has reported a suspicious man following her near Thompson Library

She said that the man approached her and immediately began interrogating her

At approximately 10:03 p.m. on April 3rd, another female reported suspicious activity near 18th Ave. and Thompson Library. The student messaged her friends saying she was approached by a college-aged man wearing a gray t-shirt and jeans. He allegedly asked her where she lived and where she was heading.

She said he “proceeded to try to get me to accompany him places and put my number in his phone. He then yelled at me as I tried to walk away and then followed me on almost my whole walk home. Please be careful walking & if anything seems suspicious call a friend or the campus police! I have already informed the campus police of the incident and they are sending people to keep an eye out around this area of campus.”

She said that the man approached her and immediately began interrogating her, asking, for example, the location of her home and where she was currently heading. The man was persistent, and proceeded to ask her if she would accompany him places and offer him her phone number.

As she tried to walk away from the scene, the man became irate and yelled at her. He then continued to follow her nearly the rest of the way back to her house.

Remember to report suspicious activity to campus police at 614-292-2121. In addition, take advantage of safety resource such as LifeLine Response and Student Safety Services (614-292-3322).

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