Brian Golsby pleads not guilty in connection to Reagan Tokes’ murder

Golsby was indicted on 18 counts including the kidnapping, rape, and murder of Tokes

Brian Golsby, the man accused of kidnapping, raping, and murdering Reagan Tokes, pleaded not guilty in court Monday.

Early February of this year, 21-year-old Ohio State senior Reagan Tokes was found murdered near the entrance of Scioto Metro Park. She was reported missing after leaving Bodega, the bar where she worked in the Short North.

Brian Golsby was arrested in connection to her death. Golsby is a registered sex offender who was released from prison in November 2016 after serving a six year sentence for a 2010 offense in Grove City.

Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’ Brien filed an indictment seeking the death penalty against Brian Golsby, filing 18 charges against him.

Golsby was indicted on 18 counts:

  • 1 count aggravated murder with specifications
  • 1 count kidnapping with specifications
  • 1 count having weapons under disability with specification
  • 1 count aggravated robbery with specifications
  • 1 count rape with specifications
  • 2 counts tampering with evidence
  • 2 counts aggravated robbery with specification
  • 3 counts aggravated murder with specifications
  • 2 counts kidnapping with specifications
  • 4 counts aggravated robbery with specifications

After his release in November, Golsby was required to wear an ankle monitor to track his location at all times. The ankle monitor sends out a GPS signal once every minute in order to track the location of the person wearing it.

The GPS coordinates place Golsby at the scene of Tokes’ murder, as well as at multiple other places where assaults and robberies occurred in German Village, Columbus.

According to O’ Brien, “GPS data puts Golsby at Scioto Grove Metro Park for just a few minutes before and after midnight,” where he believes Tokes was killed. O’ Brien also said that Golsby was with Tokes for just over two hours before the murder happened.

During those two hours Golsby allegedly abducted Tokes, forced her to withdraw money from two different banks, raped her, and drove in the car with her to the park where he eventually shot her twice.

Golsby is currently being held without bond.

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