Police made Ohio State students pour out 15 handles, two cases of beer and 20 Four Lokos – so they started a GoFundMe to buy it back

Not the heroes spring break wants, but the heroes spring break needs

16 Ohio State students have started a GoFundMe to raise money for an alcohol fund after being forced by the police to pour out every last drop while on spring break in Alabama.

After the group returned home from dinner in Gulf Shores, the cops knocked on their door and discovered an underage student among them. They said they could “pour out all the alcohol or [the police] take [their] friend.”

The group chose to keep their friend while the cops made them pour out “15 handles, a couple of cases of beer and probably about 20 Four Lokos,” the creator of the GoFundMe account, a senior business major, told The Tab Ohio State.

In a state with a 56 percent alcohol tax, it’s not cheap to restock the calvary of Four Lokos and Natty Lite required to take on spring break.

Photo from the GoFundMe

Still, the young spring breakers decided to save their friend and pour out the alcohol, and have since started a GoFundMe to try and raise $500 so they can restock and continue partying in ‘Bama with style (and alcohol).

So far they’ve raised $365 from supportive friends. Some people have donated to make a specific request, like Garrett K, who asked to “please use this to ice said underage friend of mine.” Other people have donated amounts because this was a cause they could really get behind, like Kevin M, who gave “$10 because I never donate to Hallie’s buckeyethon, I knew there would eventually be a better cause.”

One person even used their donation to offer sage words of wisdom: “Behave and after this week go to confession and church to clean your tarnished souls…”

A donation made to the GoFundMe

The friends said they didn’t think people would donate that much. “We thought we would get maybe $50 on the basis of humor, not this much. We’ve said multiple times we don’t deserve our friends, ” they said.

The description for the South, Sad and Sober GoFundMe reads in full:

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, 16 college kids traveled down to Alabama looking for a spring break getaway. It was night 1, morale was high, things were so good. We had just came back from dinner and so happy to have made it down safely and in each other’s company!
But then…a knock on the door. It was the cops. They asked if everyone was of age, and that was not in fact true. We had an underage friend that tried to avoid said 12, but their excellent (still deciding if it was probable) detective entry and skills proved worthwhile, they found him.

The ultimatum: “pour out all the alcohol or we take your friend.” We could not let our young, innocent friend face those types of trials, so the decision was clear. Our hearts broke as we cracked open plentiful amounts of lokos and natty ices and watched our hopes and dreams go down the drain – literally.  After the beverages in question were gone, so was morale.So here we are, trapped and sober in the worst conference in the country with a 56% alcohol tax, asking for any contributions you see fit to help us attempt to redeem any fun that is left to be had. Thank you in advance, fuck the SEC, and go bucks.

Help spread the word!”

Help these sad, southern, and sober Buckeyes reach their slush fund goals, and donate to the cause. No one deserves to be stuck on spring break without any alcohol.

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