Ohio State football lost a four-star recruit because they spelled his name wrong

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Ohio State football just lost a top recruit because they misspelled his name in a letter sent to him.

Jacob Copeland is an all-American, four-star, ESPN 300 wide receiver from Pensacola, Florida. He has received offers to play for 40 programs, including Alabama, Clemson, Florida State, and Michigan, to name a few. Standing at 6’1″ and 188 lbs., Copeland is the No. 10 recruit coming out of Florida for the 2018 season.

Ohio State extended an offer to Copeland to play for the football team during the 2018 season, but due to a clerical error, Copeland has chosen to look elsewhere.

According to Copeland, he received mail from The Ohio State University addressed to ‘Jason’ and not Jacob.

When other Twitter users tried to point out that the University sends out hundreds of letters every day and the misspelling was most likely an honest mistake, Copeland wasn’t swayed. In response, Copeland explained “a lot of schools do also, but never had an mistake (sic) with spelling my name. Next!”

According to 247Sports, Copeland is still looking at Florida State, Alabama and Clemson, while Ohio State just suffered its first loss of the season.

Featured image taken from Jacob Copeland’s Twitter.

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