Marching band member kicks 55-yard field goal, invited to try out for football team

Do it for the free Chipotle

Any Ohio State student knows that we have the Best Damn Band in the Land, but it turns out, the members of Ohio State’s marching band can do way more than play instruments.

Austin Brizee, a junior at Ohio State and trumpet player in OSU’s marching band kicked a field goal from 55-yards out.

His motivation? A free burrito from Chipotle. According to FTW, Brizee made the bet on a whim, never having played football in his life, let alone kick a field goal from the 45-yard line. Previous to kicking this field goal, Brizee’s only experience came from playing soccer in high school.

What probably seemed like a safe bet for his friend has now become a viral twitter video and earned Brizee a personal invitation to tryout for the Buckeye’s football team.

Eron Hodges, the Assistant Director of Player Personnel, replied to the video posted on twitter inviting Brizee to contact him about a tryout invitation. Not bad for a band kid.

Brizee never expected this kind of attention from the field goal, and catching it on camera was a happy accident. “For the most part everyone just thinks this is crazy,” Brizee said of his friends’ reactions. “No one would have ever thought I would have gotten a tryout just from kicking field goals in the athletic center.”

The Buckeyes are set to play Clemson in the Fiesta Bowl at 7:00 on December 31. Although we won’t be seeing Brizee on the field as kicker, he’ll be there supporting the team on the sidelines, playing with the Best Damn Band in the Land.

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