All the things you can do that aren’t jumping into Mirror Lake

We asked, you answered

Last week, we asked the students of Ohio State to come up with a new school tradition for Hate Xichigan Week in lieu of the cancelled Mirror Lake Jump. Here is the collective list of all the things you can do Tuesday night instead of jumping into Mirror Lake.

Many of you wanted to maintain the sanctity of the jump and find some nearby body of water to blackout rage-dive into.

Jump in the Olentangy

• Brandon Yashouafar, Junior: Olentangy River jump — that’ll how the heads of our school how far we will go to submerge ourselves in a body of water before the big game!

• Brock Bishop, Junior: Jump in the Olentangy river

• Lindsay Fronzaglio, Junior: Olentangy River Jump

• Daniel Glauser, Senior: Jump into Olentangy

• Boston Shields, Senior: We could jump into the Olentangy!

• Hailey Curtis, Senior: Why not Olentangy River Jump? There’s some good wade-able spots now, and Canadian geese are almost as annoying as Xichigan fans

• Conner Roahrig, Freshman: Jump in the Olentangy River

• Matt Swann, Junior: Olentangy river jump

Jump in one of Ohio State’s pools

• Grant Shaffer, Senior: Ohio State has a pool complex, yet they still choose to ban mirror lake! It makes sense, mirrior lake has no safety measures, and no lifeguards. Why dont they set up a party at the pool that night? It can be staffed, could charge to get in so money would be made and the jumping in warer would still happen!

Jump in literally any lake near campus

• Kyle Crichton, Junior: Lake Jump in West Campus Lakes

• Charlie Demi, Senior: Jump in the larger pond by the 4H building (near the Schott) instead

• Kyle Harman, Senior: Bring the Polar Plunge, an event held at the Columbus zoo which benefits the special olympics by diving into ice cold water. To Ohio State’s south oval to replace the mirror lake jump and support the Special Olympics


Even if it didn’t include jumping into a pool or a lake, many of you chose to include water in your suggestions as a respectful homage to the original tradition.

Slip n Slide on the Oval

• Taylor Sachs, Freshman: slip in slide down the oval

• Amanda Haymaker, Freshman: We can get a huge ass slip’n’slide going down the length of the oval as people head to the stadium.

• Douglas Lehmkuhl, Senior: Mega Crazy Slip n Slide on the Oval!

• Jonathan March, Senior: A giant drunken soapy slip and slide on the oval

• Abbie Rentsch, Sophomore: Get a bunch of slip-n-slides and kiddie pools and put them in the south oval. That way we are still freezing our asses off by jumping into cold water.

• Danny Nguyen, Freshman: Set up water slides along the oval and send ’em down. Drone shots and filming from Thompson for bonus points

Inflatable pool party

• Dillon Castelli, Junior: Everyone brings mini inflatable pools and slip’n’slides to the oval and has a pool party

• Brandon Yashouafar, Junior: A bunch of mini pools on the Oval for students to jump in

• Rachael Dzierzak, Grad Student: Water slides/kiddy pools in the oval

• Danny Nguyen, Freshman: Fill the Oval with inflatable pools — lots of them. Proceed to stampede across the Oval like madmen.

• Melissa Bettinger, Senior: Kiddie pool jump in the south oval

Water balloon/gun fight on the Oval

• Andrew Ferriby, Junior: Water balloon fight on the oval

• Zach Sperling, Senior: Huge water ballon and water gun fight on the oval

• Charlie Demi, Senior: Water balloon/water gun fight! Could be on campus or off, doesn’t matter

• Grace Ferguson, Senior: Water gun fight on the south oval

• Samantha Wilkins, Junior: Massive water balloon fight on the oval. Keeps the spirit alive of being freezing cold and wet.

• Emma Hostetler, Senior: Water balloon fight on the oval


A lot of you seemed to think Ohio State needed to catch up on its physical fitness — a thoughtful idea considering we’re all about to go home and eat our weight in turkey and stuffing.

Ohio State 5k/Oval run

• Lauren Muchewicz, Junior: Have an on-campus 5k run in the night (maybe starting at midnight) so that why Buckeyes can still run wild (similar to mirror lake) but instead of jumping in the lake, they can run around campus cheering for the Bucks!

• Anthony Long, Freshman: My idea is simple but has the potential to be crazy, fun and just as spontaneous as the mirror lake jump. It’s simply an large scale oval run where everyone is hella lit and instead of jumping in and out of water we just have all those kids run whichever way they want up, down, and across the oval having fun in all the chaos.


A few of you wanted to just get all kinds of naked.

Naked Run

• Peter Mougey, Senior: Naked run across the oval, kiddy pool at the end as an homage

• Jack Sullivan, Sophomore: Streak through campus

• Dominique G, Grad Student: Large group of coordinated streaking on campus

• Karen David, Junior: A nearly naked mile — everyone liked to be barely dressed and jump into a gross pond now we get to be barely dressed and not have to jump into Afroduck’s shit.


Some of you wanted to keep the tradition at home and revamp the Mirror Lake construction site to fit our new needs.

Take over Mirror Lake

• Josh Fulker, Sophomore: Open the drained lake up and have a gawd damn blacklight rave in it where everyone comes dressed in bright ass colors and covered in paint with EDM music and dancing. Sounds fun af to me.

• Brooke Ott, Junior: Everyone brings a case of natty and fill the lake and jump in

• William Lewis, Junior: Tear down the fences and fill the lake ourselves. Fuck Xichigan

Meanwhile, some of you just wanted a place to gather and spend time together, all in the spirit of beating Michigan.

Party on the Oval

• Mitch Dean, Senior: Pep rally mosh pit in the oval in our skivies in rememberamce of the jump, can really be anywhere but we all still need to come together!

• Shayna Fritz, Senior: A rager on the oval!

• Lauren Muchewicz, Junior: Have a campus wide gathering in the oval with music and game booths/beat Xichigan props & more!

• Mitchell Sawka, Freshman: Campout on the Oval

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