Students push for OSU to become a #SanctuaryCampus

A document has been compiled and addressed to President Drake

Following the recent election as well as a series of protests at Oho State, a letter has been written to President Drake in which Ohio State students ask for their campus to become a sanctuary for immigrant students, faculty, staff members, and their families.

The letter opens by explaining the importance of making OSU a sanctuary and goes on to explain that our University is in a position to restrict officers on campus, and provide protection for any undocumented workers.

With the post-election results and increased violence toward the Latino/a community including its most vulnerable members, we the students and faculty on this campus ask you to implement a plan to declare our campus a sanctuary for all Latino/a students, staff, and their family members, including especially those who face imminent deportation

As you might know, according to an internal 2011 memo of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, officers are subject to certain restrictions upon entering college campuses without authorization

The list of demands outlines a series of statements and initiatives for President Drake to undertake. The main points include reaffirming Ohio State’s commitment to creating safe spaces for minority groups on campus, identifying specific safe spaces for students, initiating undocumented student programs, and guaranteeing privacy to students.

The forum allows any student who feels so inclined to sign their name and graduation year to the letter to show his or her support of Ohio State becoming a Sanctuary Campus.


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