Anti-diversity posters found on Ohio State campus

They were posted on the bulletin board inside Hagerty Hall on Friday

Posters have been spotted on Ohio State’s campus bearing anti-diversity slogans such as “love who you are, be white”.

The posters have since been removed from the first floor bulletin board inside Hagerty Hall, but it is unclear if they have been removed elsewhere on-campus.

They were posted by supporters of the Alt-Right Movement, a group known for promoting white supremacy.

This is the group’s goals according to their website:

  1. Reinvigorating dialogue among a disparate and edgy right-wing.
  2. Severely rustling jimmies among the childish and regressive left-wing.
  3. Putting cuckservatives in the cuck shed where they can watch us with their civilization.
  4. Using the therapeutic power of LARPing to help tens of thousands of young men manage their autism.

There is even a link to their group’s website on the posters.

Without a doubt these posters are in response to the recent Presidential Election where Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton, inciting many protests around the nation.

Meanwhile Anti-Trump protests continued in Columbus, Ohio on Friday for the third consecutive day.

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