How to make a long distance relationship work

Distance sucks, but if you’re with the right person it’s worth it

It’s no mystery that long distance relationships are hard. It’s not easy to miss someone so much that you can’t sleep because all you want is for them to be in your arms. It absolutely sucks, and can make or break any relationship. But, they are very possible, and here are some tips to surviving them.


You have to trust your significant other. They love you just as much as you love them.  They’re not going to do anything to hurt you, especially if they have been hurt before. So  stop thinking they’re going to hurt you, and don’t give them any reasons to.


Give them something to remember you by. A simple picture frame with your favorite picture of you two inside might seem like a small gift, but it will mean a lot to them. Scrapbooks are also meaningful gifts. It’s a way of remembering all the good times you two had together. If you make one, always leave the last few pages open for more pictures for your future together. Another really cute idea is one of those old red retro viewers. You know the old toy you’d look through and pull the lever on the side to change the pictures? There’s a website where you can make and buy your own and either buy a viewer there or buy one from amazon. They’re sentimental and won’t break the bank. Something you’ll notice is that everything will remind you of your significant other. As seen on Twitter, distance bracelets are another really good idea. What makes them so special is that both you and your partner wear them and are somewhat connected.

Something my girlfriend made me before I left

Something my girlfriend made me before I left


The great thing is, we live in 2016, which means we have things like Skype, FaceTime, and other video chatting services to bridge the gap between you and your loved one.  They seriously make things so much better — except when you’re trying to watch The Walking Dead and your TV is four seconds ahead. Being able to see your significant other, even if it isn’t technically in person, really makes the distance feel so much shorter. Actually seeing their face and hearing their voice for a little bit will make your relationship stronger. A lot of times you’ll mean to talk for an hour and end up talking all night.

It’s not goodbye, it is see you later

Even though that’s an extremely sad thing to say when you’re leaving, it’s something you need to remember on both the good days and the bad days. You will see them again, no matter how gloomy things may be. It might be weeks or even months, but just keep counting down those days until you get to see your special someone again. The best way to deal with missing them is to keep busy. Focus on schoolwork or go to the gym to keep your mind off of how much you miss your person.img_8286

Stay calm when you fight

Fights suck.  No matter what, no matter how far away, they suck.  The best way to deal with them during a long distance relationship is to just be calm.  Don’t let it consume you two, and don’t assume anything. Find out what the issue is and work it out. Yelling and ignoring each other will only make things worse. Remember why you two love each other in the first place and let the little things go — even if it’s difficult — because it’s better to lose an argument than it is to lose them.


Any amount of distance sucks when it’s keeping you from seeing the person you love the most as much as you want to. It hurts to feel like you’re missing out on their life when you know you’re a big part of, but in the end it will all work out and you’ll both end up happy, because they’re with you to the end of the line.

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