OSU Dance Team killed it at the Northwestern game

Juju on dat beat, Brutus

If you’re a student a student at the Ohio State University, you will probably agree with me that one of the best parts of going to the football games on Saturday — aside from watching our team kick ass, that is — is watching The Best Damn Band in the Land put on the half time show production.

However, if you were lucky enough to attend the Northwestern game this past weekend, then you know that the most memorable performance was not put on by the band. Instead, the talented students who put on the best performance were the members of the Ohio State Dance Team and our very own Brutus Buckeye.

In their first ever on-field performance, the OSU Dance team teamed up with Brutus Buckeye, and the crowd loved it. The team’s performance garnered much attention because the team because it borrowed popular choreography from an online dance challenge, Juju on Dat Beat, or the TZ Anthem Challenge.

Although this performance was the first the Dance Team has completed on the field, it is not their first time performing at the games or in competitions. The Dance Team competes annually in a collegiate dance competition. In the past three years, they have placed in the Top 5 for the competition.

We can only hope that this will not be the team’s last performance, and it wouldn’t hurt to see more of Brutus, either.



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