Clowns are threatening to come to OSU tonight

They’ve been popping up at college campuses across the country

Over the past month, people dressed in clown costumes have been terrorizing college campuses across the country.

The clown infestation will be making its way to Ohio State’s campus some time tonight.

The incidents that have occurred in the past include clowns walking around campuses, sometimes wielding weapons, in order to incite fear and to get a reaction out of people as Halloween nears.

The twitter account @clownclann has recently shared that there will be clowns on Ohio State’s campus on October 24th.

While many students are afraid of the potential clown infestation, other students seem to be embracing the possibility of crazed clowns taking over Ohio State.

Although no official clown sighting has been made, the night is still young, and there is plenty of time for the clowns to surface.

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