Our short skirts are not responsible for the ‘impure thoughts’ of boys

Promoting ‘modest is hottest’ is giving in to shaming girls for what they wear

Timpview High School in Utah prevented their cheerleaders from wearing their cheer uniforms to school on game days all because a boy claimed the short skirts give him “impure” thoughts.

You read that right. The cheerleaders cannot wear the uniforms given to them by the school because some boy can’t control himself. The boy’s mother emailed a school official and it escalated from there.

Anyone who thinks there is problem with cheerleaders in skirts is a part of the group of idiots who think that dictating a girl’s wardrobe to cater to boys is OK.

We often see examples of outfits girls wear to school and are then sent home for because they are deemed distracting and inappropriate. A student at the University of Miami was almost refused breakfast because of her shorts.

Girls should be allowed to wear what they want in any kind of situation without the fear that their outfit will trigger the penises of stupid boys.


If girls had a dollar for every time they were told that their outfit was a distraction to males, we could buy our own judgement free island.

The truth is, we don’t care if you tell us our skirts are too short because that’s just proving society believes men can’t control themselves around women. And that is the problem.

There is nothing wrong with the cheerleading uniform but there is everything wrong with the notion that it is making some 17-year-old have dirty thought because of them. Every 17-year-old boy is thinking about sex 100 percent of the time – it’s got nothing to do with a girl’s outfit.

Being a cheerleader for 15 years, I experienced the threat of having to be sent home to change on game day in high school. The very first time my school’s principal tried to pull that on the squad, I made it very clear that our uniforms were bought by the school. Needless to say, he never threatened to send us home for wearing school issued uniforms again.

The man who tried to send me home for this skirt

The man who tried to send me home for this skirt

Society wants to sit back and tell women to cover up or they’re inviting rape and sexual assault to be thrust upon them behind a dumpster while they’re unconscious. But then when we cover up, we are told that we are prude and too up tight.

When will it be recognized that maybe we just like wearing skirts? Not to please others, but for ourselves. Wearing an outfit is not always about attracting the attention of a male.

Of course sometimes we want to look fine as hell because we know we’re going to see that guy we’ve been texting all week and want him to notice us. But more often than not, a girl is going to choose an outfit because it makes her feel good and maybe even sexy.

If schools want to send girls home because boys can’t control themselves, then maybe boys shouldn’t be allowed to play “shirts vs. skins” basketball at school.

I mean it’s only fair.

Ohio State