People are loving the guy with a ‘God hates fat-free ranch’ sign protesting the Oval preacher

Has this gone too far?

In the midsts of religious protests on the Oval, students struggle to understand what’s right. They’ve started to question all the beliefs they once held near and dear to their hearts – even fat-free ranch.

On Wednesday afternoon, Ohio State student Sam Culp showed up on the Oval holding a sign which read ‘God Hates Fat-Free Ranch’. His presence is a welcome change from the Oval preacher who has been occupying the space for the last few days.

samAs part of the protest, Sam was yelling: “I’m sick of those perverts and their fat-free ranch, putting it on their salads. It’s an abomination.”

Understandably, students are both delighted and outraged at the change of pace presented by the Ranch Reformist.  Police on the Oval

The recent protesting has attracted the attention of local police officers, who are monitoring the Oval today.

When will the madness end?

Ohio State