It’s official: Ohio State is the best college in Ohio

Scarlet and Grey all the way

According to a study done by US News this week, Ohio State is #54 out of universities in their study that included over 300 schools.

Not only is our fine university #54 overall, but we ranked at #31 for best college for veterans, #16 in top public schools and #19 in business programs.


So all of our friends in Fischer Business College are doing something right other than looking good in suits for the career fair.

With this being just one of the many rankings from studies that have come out for the previous school year, Ohio State seems to be falling quite nicely in the standings.

This should keep us excited as we head into that dreaded part of the semester where midterms start popping up and the weather will eventually turn on us for the worst.

Let’s keep it up, Buckeyes, so that next year we can be pass up Michigan in something other than sports.




Ohio State