Swastika vandalism has been found in Lipton Hall’s lounge

This marks the third anti-Semitic incident in this residence hall since 2018 began

Yesterday, Lipton Hall residents received an e-mail from Ben Jones, the residence hall director, about a hate crime in the building's second floor lounge.

The email read: "For a third time this semester, hateful symbols were found in the 2nd floor lounge of Lipton Hall early this morning." One symbol was carved into a wall and the other into a picture frame.

Public Safety and the NYPD conducted an investigation on Thursday morning and on Friday. In response, the university is currently installing security cameras in the lounge, which is locked and closed to public use until all cameras have been installed.

The Tab spoke with NYU Spokesperson Matt Nagel about the incident. "Over the last couple weeks, swastikas were found in the second floor lounge of Lipton Hall. This was done anonymously and the NYPD was called in to investigate. It has been referred to the hate crimes unit," Nagel said. "The swastika is a symbol of hate and intolerance that is at odds with our community values of inclusiveness, diversity and respect. The matter is under investigation and the university has asked for anyone with knowledge of who committed the vandalism to come forward."

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"The acts done in the NYU lounge were unjust and a disgrace," said Lipton Resident, Noah Fennell. "This stands for the exact opposite of what NYU stands for; a place where we welcome people of all religions and ethnicities"

One resident shared that there was an emergency RA meeting on each floor to discuss the incident and the concern that this etching was made with the use of a weapon.

"With so many hateful things going on in the world, it makes me really uncomfortable knowing that someone in my direct community is part of such disgraceful acts," said Lipton Resident Melissa Linder. "It's really upsetting that it's 2018 and things like this are still happening."

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All students are encouraged to bring forward any information that can help identify the person or persons responsible to an RA, public safety or any administrative official to put an end to this hate and intimidation.

If you are a NYU student with more information about these incidents, email us at [email protected]