These are the best places to cry on campus after bombing an exam

Because it’s midterm season and crying is cathartic

Somehow we've made it almost two months into the semester and suddenly, those midterms that seemed so far away and unimportant a few weeks ago are actually tomorrow and we've done next to nothing to prepare.

The day of your midterm comes and goes and you leave the exam-room with that sinking feeling. You know, the mixture of sweeping relief, dread and perhaps a little existential anxiety. What am I doing here? Why did I take that class? Fuck it I'm dropping out and becoming a nomad.

But in case the dread overcomes you and you desperately need that – let's be honest – incredibily cathardic release of crying it out, there are many places on campus that can be used for just that.

Bobst private study room

If you are anticipating a particularly bad midterm, why not go online and reserve a room to go cry in preparation?

The stairwell of Kimmel

One of the many perks of Kimmel's great height is that there's plenty of space in the stairwell to have a good cry. And if the elevators are running smoothly, the odds of running into other students during this tear sesh are pretty low.

And the view is also bangin'

GCASL bathrooms

Ranked by the Tab NYU as some of the nicest on campus, the GCASL bathrooms are secluded, clean and in close proximity to classrooms so are pretty perfect for a mad-dash after a particularly stressful midterm.

Looking at that empty space…perfect for crying

On the machines at the gym

Let people think that your tears are just sweat and that you have your life together to the point when you are working out during midterm season.

A corner of Washington Square Park

This may feel a bit rogue 'cause Washington Square Park is anything but secluded or away from people. However, the best thing about the park is that on any given day, there are at least 10 weirder and odder things going on in the park than a student crying. It may not be private, but the park is big enough that if you can find a corner of the park away from NYU students, you can enjoy a brief post-midterm sob session.

And as a last resort, in front of your Professor

Nothing like an uncomfortabe amount of tears to make a Professor give you a sympathy grade bump.

Photo credit: Monique Muse