NYU missed connection: Help me find my 404 Fitness crush

He usually wears a Trimara shirt

Last March, I was touring the Museum of Sex with my friend when she told me, “Oh NYC is the place for hook-up, not for love.”

I hesitated and partially agreed with her, but quickly changed the topic. Having grown up in the Southern part of China, New York City has shown me an abundance of new opportunities to experience and people to meet —especially at the gym.

To avoid gaining the freshman 15, I started going to NYU 404 Fitness very regularly during morning hours. I noticed this hot guy who exercises at the same time as me, but I don't know his name. He usually wears a Trimara shirt, he has short black hair, tanned skin, and black sneakers. I really want to talk to him, but he always has his headphones in and I don't want to interrupt him.

Most people, including me, go to the gym as a routine to spend-time with their inner-selves and get in the zone with zero distractions.

So, how do I spark a conversation with 404 Fitness guy?

I consulted with Google, which only gave me corny, outdated answers. YouTube videos on "how to talk to a guy at the gym" weren't helpful either. Then, I asked the people of Reddit if they could give me tips on how to approach him. They told me people go to the gym to get their workouts done, not for flirtatious moments. *Sigh*

Should I go with my gut and approach 404 Fitness Guy? I'm afraid of being rejected, but I'm also worried I'll regret never trying.

I just want to go up to him and say, "Hey, I just wanted to say hi."

404 Fitness Guy, if you see this, my DMs are open.

…AKA my email. I don't actually have DMs. Just look me up on the student directory.

NYU 404 Fitness