It’s October so here are the ‘new school year resolutions’ you’ve already broken

You’re totally still going to the gym everyday…

It's a classic tale. You start the new school year with an attitude similar to how you feel at the beginning of the calendar year; new year = new me. This year, you'll make healthy decisions in your academic and personal lives and that person from last year – the one who spent the day before her midterm eating ramen and watching Stranger Things – is gone.

But now we're at week five and those healthy decisions seems to be dwindling. You haven't gone to the gym in a week, your fridge contains only last weekend's left-over McDonalds and you're seriously considering texting that ex-hookup from last year. To make you feel better about your cough slight detour from your new year mission, here are 'resolutions' that everyone has inevitably broken by now.

Seamless be-gone – this year you're cooking for yourself

Seamless is gift that you will always cherish, but it is time for you 'adult' and start cooking for yourself.

But after the third burnt burger and that small kitchen fire, you logged on to Seamless and in a few swift clicks, food was on its way. It's better than anything you could cook and requires minimal to no clean up – oh Seamless, what would we do without you?

They say healthy body, healthy mind so you'll be going to the gym everyday

Just like a new-years resolution when you vow to exercise more, you came into the school year with an attitude to get to the gym everyday – 404 and Palladium are free, you should take advantage of them right?

But one missed gym-session became a week of sedentary behavior and now you're realizing that sitting in your bed and researching "How to get great abs" is more fun and way less tiring.

And you definitely won't be eating McDonald's this year

But…it's SO CHEAP and always open.

You live in the greatest city in the world so you'll definitely experience New York outside of the East Village and your neighborhood

But let's be honest, the MTA is a travesty and if you're going to leave your apartment it's going to be to (maybe) go to class, go to work and if you're feeling daring, to Trader Joe's to replace the tub of ice cream you ate last night.

You won't be pulling any Bobst all-nighters because you won't procrastinate

Those long nights spent in Bobst last year were miserable and if you get your reading done, don't watch TV and are generally efficient they shouldn't be necessary anymore. Right? Right?

Ah, but all your shows are coming back and you just saw your ex with a new girl on Instagram. That 5-page paper can wait.

Caffeine is bad so you won't be drinking coffee anymore

You probably stocked up on various Herbal Teas to replace your expensive coffee habit and you started off well…until that first assignment hit and then you were downing that $1.50 Bobst coffee by the gallon.

On that note, alcohol is also bad so you'll be drinking less of that

But drinking helps you forget that you have a midterm next week (because apparently it's that time already) and before you know it, you're downing 3 glasses of wine at Happy Hour…on a Wednesday.