NYU ranked in the top 50 best universities in America

30, flirty and thriving

US News and World Report have just released their annual ranking of best American colleges, in which they bestowed NYU with the title of 30th best university in America, cementing its place in the top global 50 and tying with the University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill for the prized spot.

Up six places from last year, we also beat Boston College, Boston University, Brandeis University and the College of William and Mary.

Coming as no surprise, Princeton, Harvard and the University of Chicago all took the top three places.

US News base their rankings on graduate outcomes (year-by-year completion and graduation rates), expert opinion, the number of students receiving Pell Grants, faculty resources, financial resources, student satisfaction, student excellence and alumni endowments.

So maybe it's finally time for Sternies and the rest of the school to put aside their differences. We're happy to be 30th in the country, and BTW, we're just as confused as you as to what our school mascot really is.