In honor of its return, these are the most regrettable and relatable Broad City moments

And some of them actually involve NYU

If you're a 20-something living in New York, you'll likely recognize a part of yourself in Abbi and Ilana, the gals of Broad City who somehow always manage to get themselves into compromising situations across the city.

In honor of its long-awaited return tomorrow, we wanted to remind you of all the most unsettling yet relatable moments and situations of the show thus far.

While searching for a new apartment, they remember that everything available is tiny and overpriced

In season one, Abbi is desperate to move out of her apartment and away from her roommate's boyfriend (who has inadvertently become her roommate — relatable much). However, finding an apartment in her price range that isn't a literal hole in the wall proves nearly impossible. If you've ever been apartment hunting in New York —especially if you've had to deal with an estate agent who is pretty much as cuckoo as Abbi's— this moment will definitely make you squirm.

And even the apartments they have get unwanted visitors

Rats, mice and general unwanted venom are a not so charming characteristic of New York and sadly, this does not exclude your living space. Broad City takes this possibility to – I hope for most – an extreme (Ilana's rat friend smokes her weed and cock-blocks her), but if you're anything like me, that episode would feel like one of your worst dreams realized.

When their night turns to shit and they resort to one dollar pizza on the ground of St Marks

In the Season 2 finale, Abbi and Ilana plan to have a well-organized and sophisticated evening on St Marks —i.e they make an actual reservation for dumplings and spend $12.99 on wine which really is a splurge. Naturally, things don't go according to plan. The episode wraps up with the two of them sitting eating pizza on the ground of St Marks Place, which we have all done and likely immediately regretted after remembering how many people we've seen pee on that same ground.

The fact that Abbi is the number one customer at that Bed Bath & Beyond you spent all of Welcome Week

Remember that day before move-in when you attempted to brave the Bed Bath & Beyond on 23rd Street? And how it pretty much felt like a jungle full of hyped up future freshman and their parents? And remember when you vowed to never go there again, only to be back a few days later because you realized you forgot a fucking drying rack? If you remember any of those moments, you'll probably have a little PTSD watching Abbi's BB & B homecoming.

When Abbi discovers the struggles of weed etiquette in Washington Square Park

In Season 1, Abbi embarks on an adventure to become an adult by virtue of buying her own pot. Her grand plan brings her to Washington Square Park, muttering " any weed?" under her breath. Sounds ridiculous and implausible? Spend a couple hours sitting in the park and count how many times you're offered drugs. Then get back to me.

Also, in an earlier webisode (before the show was picked up by Comedy Central), the girls actually meet their dealer in the park and ask him for his business card. Did they take the dialogue verbatim out of NYU freshman's diary or something?

And speaking of weed, remember when Ilana shares her ingenious hiding place

"Who would leave weed in a wall? A weed genius. And she'd leave it there indefinitely in case of emergency."

If you need advice for where to keep your weed in your dorm, look no further than the first episode of Season 2. Ilana and Abbi try to sneak into an NYU dorm, pretend to be RAs and rip a bong with some under-age NYU students. That doesn't sound totally out of the realm of possibility for a typical Friday night in Founders Hall.

When Ilana loses her job and even her NYU degree can't save her

"Ladies and gentle dudes, I've fallen on hard times. After graduating from New York University I lost my job at an internet start up…I'm not panhandling I'm just performing for tips…"

And then it turns out that her brother was filming her for his blog the whole time. So that's pretty much the most relatable NYU nightmare, manifested on television.

And of course, there's Ilana's response to being asked what NYU was like

"It was expensive."