Freshmen, start scratching these 21 things off the official NYU bucket list

Some will be easy, some will be hard and others will most definitely be inevitable

Here you come fresh and rosy cheeked freshman eager to do some readin' and writin' with perhaps one of the most inspiring cities in the country as the backdrop. It will be a year of firsts. Some good and exciting, but others might be puking-over-the-edge-of-a-nasty-toilet downright bad. We have amassed a relatively complete list of all the things you should —or unavoidably will accomplish—do as a freshman at the university that is one and of the city.

Eat 3am pizza (Joe's on 14th street is a definite favorite)

3am was made for pizza.

3am was made for pizza.

Read at least one of the books on the course list.

Maybe even two, if you're feeling adventurous.

Squish a cockroach scuttering across your dorm room floor.

How cute, you think you won't ever have to deal with one

Jump in the Washington Square Fountain when it gets too flipping hot

…or when you lose your mind around midterms.

Attend a protest

It's a New Yorker's right of passage.

So many protests and so many signs.

So many protests and so many signs.

Use one of the dreaded exam blue books

Go to Bar None or Durdens and drink cheap beer

If you're lucky, it might even be chilled!

See a puking Santa Clause in a gutter outside of Bar None

Your parents were wrong — Santa is real, and he's puking on your roommate's heels.

This is Santa Con–attend at your own risk.

This is Santa Con–attend at your own risk.

Interact with Greek life in some way

Rush if you want to pay for your friends or just tag along with a roommate to a frat party.

Join a club or two

Club life isn't too community building based at NYU…but there's a cheese club and who needs friends when you have free cheese?

Wash your sheets once or twice this year

Let's not be nasty.

Get food poisoning from Weinstein or Third North

Coming out the front or back door, it still counts!

Get cultured at a museum

The Whitney Museum is only a twenty minute walk away.

Fashion Exhibit at the Me. TBH, those outfits make me thinks of blood cells or something

Fashion Exhibit at the Me. TBH, those outfits make me thinks of blood cells or something

Gain a wee bit of beer weight

Or pizza weight…or ice cream weight. If you don't gain the freshman 15, you're doing it wrong.

Observe one of the majestic creatures of ye 'old subway tracks

AKA the rats.

They're kind of cute. I said kinda!

They're kind of cute. I said kinda!

Get lost

You may do this more than once, so remember to always have your phone fully charged.

Get absolutely wasted on a thirsty Thursday

…and face the consequences the morning after.

Have a picnic in Washington Square Park

And bring one of those fat, cheap bottles of white wine.

Best quad ever.

Best quad ever.

Become —or see— a Bobst grimlin

A bobst grimlin is a peculiar being that never leaves the library, never showers and only eats via Seamless.

Attend the Campus Cash Fair in September

But just for the free food.

Discover something about yourself

Maybe you realize you're a heavy-weight drinker, or maybe you discover you want to major in engineering instead of English, and maybe, just maybe you discover that you're in love with this crazy old city.