These are the best pizzas in NYC for all your post-hookup needs

Because pizza makes any one night stand better

In a recent Yelp survey, three quarters of those 2,000 polled said that pizza was their top choice of food following a one-night stand. With that in mind and because we are always looking out for you at the Tab NYU, here are pizza places you should hit when you need that necessary, post-coital sustenance.

Joe's Pizza

It's a classic, it's delicious and the wall of pictures of celebrity customers makes for great conversation, in case you've decided to extend the one-night stand beyond the bedroom.

Artichoke Pizza

A bit more of an extravagant purchase but can work after any eventuality from a hookup – a celebratory slice after a solid session, or a satisfying end to an otherwise unsatisfying evening.

2 Boots

Weekends are for pizza parties. #howisummer via F&W's @pmelnick. #foodandwine

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2 Boots has the ever so rare vegan option so if your hookup is vegan (which should make you question some life choices in my mind), take them here.

Bleeker Street Pizza

My kinda Friday night ? #bleekerstreetpizza #nyc #wineinacan

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As this photo implies, you can get pizza and wine at this truly special establishment. And nothing says a romantic post-sex meal like wine, in a can.

Anna Maria's

This Williamsburg pizza restaurant lives up to the characteristics of its location. For example, it has a Caesar salad slice which you think you don't want, you know you don't need but somehow, when you taste it you realize you can't live without it. Sounds like many of my experiences with Williamsburg.