Incoming NYU freshmen have started saying ‘WaSquaPa’ – is that even a thing?

According to all-knowing freshmen, we’ve been saying WSP aaall wrong

Is it Washington Square Park? Or WSP? Hell no. The new cool kids on the block (aka the Class of 2021) apparently shorten the decades-old name to “WaSquaPa.” If you’re an upperclassman, you might ask, “Why not just say ‘the park?'” to which a plucky freshman would scoff, “Too ambiguous. New York has a million parks. God, you’re so old.”

The nickname was pioneered by Jamal Amir.

And it prompted a bit of skepticism in the comments section (clearly from someone who doesn’t have a clue).

Another student was also equally in the wrong, but Jamal soon set him straight.

Speaking to The Tab, Jamal said he “heard [WaSquaPa] on a YouTube video about NYU secrets made by current NYU students.”

Seems legit, to be honest.