Chelsea Market is secure after a fire erupted this afternoon

Employees evacuated after a rooftop fire broke out on the building around midday

At 12:15 a fire broke out at Chelsea Market as a result of complications in one of the cooling towers. FDNY arrived on the scene quickly after the fire began and firefighters were able to minimize the situation quickly. By about 1:30 Chelsea Market was letting employees and visitors back into the building.

A member of the FDNY spoke to Spectrum News NY1 earlier, stating that “the cooling tower was in the process of being serviced, it had been disinfected…and then it was drained. Some time after the cooling tower was drained, a fire started inside the cooling tower”.

NBC NY and the FDNY  have both reported that one person suffered a non life-threatening injury.

The commotion has died down since the fire broke out.

Visitors and employees at the market in contrast seem unalarmed by the situation.  Employee Trace Johnson, calmly smokes a cigarette outside as Chelsea Market administrators try to calm media representatives.

“Food Network probably just lit something on fire again,” said Johnson.

Chelsea Market is a popular spot tourist for students to bring their parents or — if they have a plentiful pocketbook–to grab lunch. However after the Fire Department’s rapid response, the fire will likely have no effect on their future lunch plans and parent visits.

Customers returning to the market