The best cheap lunches around Washington Square

Because at this point in the semester we all have literally five dollars

We’re halfway through the semester. Spring break is over. We were all kind of broke before, but after a week in Florida filled with bottomless mimosas, now we’re really broke. And as much as we try to follow our parents’ advice to cook at home, three hour lectures and fifteen minute breaks make life difficult. Instead, these cheap and close-to-campus food spots are perfect for midday hunger pains kick in. Also, many will offer NYU student discounts, so bring your ID.

Kati Roll

99 MacDougal St

A short staircase leads up to this Indian restaurant that’s perfect for a late night grab-n-go, or a rest stop with your friends in the cozy seating area. From chicken tikka to aloo masala, everything on the menu costs around $5 (the unda roll is only $3.50!), and they’re open until 5am on Fridays and Saturdays.

Mamoun’s Falafel

119 MacDougal St

Their amazing and hefty falafel pita is only $3.50, and the chicken shawarma is $6.50. Add on hummus for an extra dollar, or a side of four grape leaves for only $2.

99 cent pizza

388 6th Avenue

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If you’re one of those people that buys $4 pizza from Joe’s or Artichoke, you should change and become one of the people that buys $1 pizza like an actual New Yorker. Think of it this way; you can 1) cut your expenses by 75%, or 2) buy three more slices for the same price.

NY Dosas

Southwest corner of WSP

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This South Indian vegan food stand, run by owner Thiru Kumar, is incredibly low-key and has been a wildly popular fixture in the park for years. Grab two warm samosas with sauce for $5, or dosas with sides of coconut chutney for $6-7 each.

Bagel Bob’s

51 University Place

Bagel Bob’s is like your old-best friend from middle school who you touch base with on birthdays and heart-react when they update their profile picture of Facebook. He’s not super interesting but you love him for old time’s sake. Bagel Bob’s is equally trusty and convenient, with sandwiches running $5-7 dollars and a plain cream cheese bagel only $2.

Mille Feuille

552 LaGuardia Place

If you’re an aspiring French person who prefers coffee to heavy meals, head to this petite patisserie behind Kimmel and pick up their all-day special; $5 for a coffee and croissant or pain au chocolat.