NYU dominates in over 25 subjects, ranks in the top 1 percent of universities worldwide

Guess what our best subject is

QS University recently released their data for 2017, revealing that NYU is ranked 46th out of the top 900 universities globally. They also broke down the top colleges by subject, surveying the academic quality in each area of study. 26 subjects at NYU ranked in the top 50 around the world, with our philosophy program beating out even Harvard and Yale (and Columbia of course). See the full breakdown below, as if we needed more reason to be proud of our school….

3rd in Philosophy (ahead of Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. Columbia is 14th…)

6th in Law

10th in Accounting and Finance

10th in Psychology

10th in Mathematics

11th in Dentistry

13th in English Language and Literature

14th in Economics and Econometrics

14th in Performing Arts (Columbia is 31)

15th in Sociology

16th in Communication and Media Studies

17th in Business and Management Studies (tied with University of Chicago)

19th in Anthropology

20th in Modern Languages

21th in Politics and International Studies

23rd in Art & Design

23rd in Linguistics

24th in Social policy and Administration

25th in Nursing

32nd in Computer Science and Information systems

33rd in Medicine

34th in History

40th in Statistics and Operational Research

43rd in Biological Sciences

44th in Pharmacy and Pharmacology

46th in Education