NYU weekly round up: Migos and Donald Trump

Welcome back

And we’re back. It’s the first week of the semester and we are dealing with not only the return of classes and work but also with President Trump’s continued attempts to destroy our civil liberties. It’s been quite a week.

The anti-Trump protests came to our doorstep and we got organized.

Six Tisch alumni received Oscar nominations 

Bet Columbia can’t say that.

President Andrew Hamilton announced yet another super expensive campus expansion  

As reported in the Daily News on Thursday, Andrew Hamilton announced that NYU is planning a $500 million expansion for the Tandon Brooklyn campus. When the expansion is completed this summer, it will nearly double the university’s current 600,000 square foot of real estate in New York. It all sounds well and good until you realize where $500 million is going to come from….

Migos lead a CULTURE class

The trio led a class in at Cantor on Friday, in which they discussed their impact on fashion, music and pop culture.

Migos dropped their album CULTURE on Friday, following the huge success of their record “Bad and Boujee.”

Trump’s #MUSLIMBAN detains NYU student

Narges Bayani, a Ph.D student in NYU’s Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, was detained in JFK over the weekend while returning to the U.S. from visiting Iran. She was finally released on Sunday morning, after intervention from NYU’s Immigrant Rights Clinic.

We know that there is work to be done

In a week of executive orders, a ‘ban’ on populations of people, attempts to restrict a woman’s control over her body, and rightful residents of this country being detained at its airports, we learned this week that there is a lot, perhaps even more than we realized, to be done over the next four years. And we’re ready for it.

Let’s see what this next week holds.