Jared Kushner’s NYU classmates appeal to his ‘deep sense of compassion’

He’s not winning their ‘Favorite Alumni’ award

Many of you might be unaware of the fact that Jared Kushner, aka Ivanka Trump’s husband turned senior advisor, went to NYU.

He graduated with both a J.D. and an M.B.A. from NYU Law in 2007, after he had finished Harvard undergrad with a cum laude B.A. in sociology.

Unrelated fun fact: Jared Kushner’s father (Charles Kushner, real estate developer and felony tax evader) donated $2.5 million to Harvard in 1998 and $3 million to NYU in 2001, several years respectively before Kushner attended each school. Kushner, Sr. also holds an M.B.A. from Stern.

Kushner’s appointment to President Trump’s close staff has been controversial, but nonetheless expected considering Trump’s consistency in keeping his campaign and election an all-family affair. But following the chaotic events of President Trump’s first week, Kushner’s classmates of 2007 penned him the following letter (below in full):


Dear Jared,

We, your classmates from NYU School of Law’s Class of 2007, have serious concerns regarding Mr. Trump’s stated priorities and policy proposals. We have never known you to be anything less than intelligent and thoughtful. You have donated incredibly generously to the Law School that nurtured and educated us all.

We appeal to you, the grandchild of Holocaust survivors, to use your deep sense of compassion to influence the Trump Administration in a positive way. Tens of thousands of Syrian children — children no different than your grandmother, whose lives have been marred by a war they did not choose — rely on your sense of compassion. Undocumented persons who contribute mightily to the wealth and fabric of our great nation rely on your sense of compassion. Women and the LGBTQ community, groups which are understandably fearful given Mr. Pence’s abysmal record on reproductive justice and anti-discrimination laws, rely on your sense of compassion. People of color, vexed by the alt-right’s enthusiastic embrace of Mr. Trump’s candidacy, rely on your sense of compassion. The national parks, forests, and monuments, priceless treasures of our Republic — they cannot speak, but they, too, need a compassionate advocate in the White House.

 Jared, you, a member of a historically despised religious minority, have enjoyed a first-class education and unparalleled privilege in this inestimable country. Please exercise your power and your incredible access to ensure that members of other historically despised groups have an opportunity to enjoy some of the same privileges that have been extended to you.


Members of the NYU School of Law Class of 2007


It’s difficult to tell what Kushner’s role in the new administration will be, as he ignored the first version of this letter from his former classmates, sent on December 16th. Perhaps Kushner will encourage President Trump show compassion for refugees who are being called modern-day versions of his grandparents, instead of sitting idly by during moments where our nation tarnishes decades of remembrance and respect.