Gays Against Guns lead anti-Trump caroling in USQ

‘Fie to the world, you Russian whore!’

Gays Against Guns led New Yorkers in a round of caroling at Union Square on Sunday afternoon, singing Trump-inspired parodies of traditional Christmas songs.

GAG is an LGBTQ activist group, founded three days after the Pulse nightclub shooting as a call to action from within the LGBTQ community. Since June, GAG has led protests against politicians who receive money from the NRA, most recently calling for a boycott of corporations that support it.

Sing along below (to the tune of Joy to the World):

“Fie to the world, but we’re not dumb

Let truth and freedom ring!

Unqualified to lead the way, the puppet of the NRA

This idiot thinks he’s king, this idiot thinks he’s king

We’ll never, we’ll never accept this king

Fie to the world, you Russian whore, and lead us in defeat

To satisfy your vanity, you holler your insanity

It’s government by tweet, it’s government by tweet

It’s government, government by lying tweet

He rules the world with vice and greed

Yes Goldman Sachs has won

And Exxon-Mobile it’s decreed will handle our diplomacy,

The blunder’s just begun, the blunder’s just begun

The blunder, the blunder has just begun!”


Video shot by Taylor Palmby