I am Latina and I’m happy that Trump won

My future children have so much to look forward to

Trump won. He’s going to be the 45th President of the United States. As a female, millennial, and Mexican-American, I’m excited he won. Here’s why.

I’m excited to explain to my future son that he’ll probably grow up to be a rapist.

I’m excited to tell him that his great great grandparents were sent to the US by Mexico because they probably were rapists, or for sure at least drug traffickers.

I’m excited to tell my son that if he wants to be a television anchor, he can only work for Univision.

I’m excited to tell him that he can’t be a judge because having Mexican heritage makes you biased and professionally inept.

But also I’m excited to tell him not to worry because as a man, accusations of rape and sexual assault won’t even make a dent in his political career.

Mexican-American and immigrant farm workers in California

Mexican-Americans working in California

I’m excited to tell my future daughter that she’ll look prettiest when falling to her knees.

I’m excited to tell her that it’s totally normal if a man just starts kissing her.

I’m excited to tell her that any outspoken opinions will be dismissed as crazy when she’s on her period.

I’m excited to tell her to just brush it off if someone calls her Miss Housekeeping.

I’m excited to tell my daughter to always look attractive in case she’s sexually assaulted, so that everyone will agree that she was hot enough to be raped.

I’m excited to tell her to take it as a compliment when a rich old man decides to grab her by the pussy.


My sisters and I learning how to sort plums at our grandpa’s packing house

Within a week of Trump becoming the President-Elect of the United States, hate crimes that target minorities, including immigrants and Latinxs, have been blatant and shocking. And he isn’t even inaugurated yet. This is what we have to look forward to. This is what Donald Trump’s America looks like. I’m excited, aren’t you?