Residents at Gramercy Green find racist sticky notes and swastika on their door

‘To whoever did this to my door today, I am not laughing’

As reported by NYU local, Gramercy Green resident and NYU student Anastasyia Muravyeva woke this morning to find a series of racist and offensive post-it notes attached to her door. These included messages of ‘white pride’, ‘Make America White Again’ and a swastika.

In a Facebook post about it she wrote: “To whoever did this to my door today, joke or not, I am not laughing. My Jewish and homosexual roommates are not laughing. Nobody is laughing.”


The director of the residence hall has already spoken out about the incident, circulating an email to residents condemning the act.


John Beckman, a spokesperson from the university also released this statement:

“This morning, four ‘post-its’ were found on the door of one room in one of our residence halls; two were found on another. The ‘post-its’ included political messages; vile, racist comments; and a swastika.

We are shocked by this. This kind of appalling behavior has no place on our campus, and we will not tolerate abuse or intimidation of members of the University community.

We have brought in the NYPD to investigate, and will assist them in any way possible with their investigation.  We have offered support to the rooms’ occupants. And NYU will remain focused on the safety, well-being, and support of our students, and on fostering a diverse, inclusive, and respectful community in which these kind of cowardly, ghastly, anonymous actions have no place.”

The NYPD are currently investigating the incident and we will update the story when more information becomes available.