Emails between ‘Deplorable NYU prof’ and Dean Fred Schwarzbach released

‘Your behavior is dismaying’

In the wake of a Washington Post article, Here’s what happened when I challenged the PC campus culture at NYU – self authored by Michael Rectenwald, more commonly known on campus as ‘Deplorable NYU Prof’ – email correspondence between ‘Deplorable NYU prof’ and Dean Fred Schwarzbach has been released to the public.

Dean Schwarzbach writes: “I think it is fair to say I was shocked by the op-ed in the Washington Post. It is utterly at odds with our email exchange yesterday.

“Never in all my years as a dean has an effort to support a faculty member been so completely twisted, or so distorted for personal indulgence. Your behavior is dismaying.”

Initially placed on leave after revealing his identity as the controversial @antipcnyuprof, Liberal Studies professor Michael Rectenwald was placed on one week paid leave, but the leave has since turned into suspension for the rest of the fall semester.

Rectenwald writes: “I do intend to remain on leave and need it for the reasons discussed.”


Taken by Diamond Naga Siu for Washington Square New