‘Deplorable NYU prof’ suspended for semester

He compared NYU’s decision to ‘a Salem witch trial’

After revealing his identity as the controversial @antipcnyuprof, Liberal Studies professor Michael Rectenwald was initially placed on one week paid leave from NYU, but most recently he found out that he will be on suspension for the rest of the fall semester.

NYU claims that the suspension is unrelated to Rectenwald’s twitter account, but due rather to concerns for his mental health and well-being, suggesting that his voicing of unpopular opinions was “a cry for help.” In a self-written piece published this morning by the Washington Post, Rectenwald said that “that’s not how I see it.”

Rectenwald re-emphasized his intention for his twitter account to challenge the unchecked superiority of political correctness on college campuses, and contrast the preference of “trigger warnings” and censorship with open-minded debate and the “free flow of ideas.” He claims that the response he received only confirmed his beliefs regarding the ferocity of PC culture at NYU, citing dirty looks from his colleagues and likening the NYU administration’ decision to place him on leave to “a Salem witch trial.”

(Featured Image courtesy of Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)