NYU’s President Hamilton vows to keep tuition hikes to a minimum

This year’s tuition is the lowest it’s been in 20 years

NYU President Andrew Hamilton spoke to the The Washington Post earlier this week denouncing the “unacceptable financial strain” that the cost of attending a university like ours puts on students and their families. He was quick to point out that “NYU is not unique in that regard by any means, but we have been among the most conspicuous.” He announced his intention to contain price increases, already evident by his reduction of a planned increase of almost 4 percent in fees for this school year to 2.7 percent.

While former NYU President John Sexton built his legacy on global expansion, through the other four year NYU institutions like NYU Shanghai and NYU Abu Dhabi, President Hamilton is setting forth a more localized approach to improving our school, saying that “our focus should be less on further expansion and more on reaching the full potential of the exception global enterprise NYU has already built.”

So far, his plan means that NYU’s total cost of attendance this year is the lowest it’s been in over 20 years. Students attest to the many benefits that make attending NYU worthwhile, such as the incredible faculty, internship opportunities within the city that often go hand in hand with schoolwork, and experiencing life in Manhattan in general.

President Hamilton also plans to work on improving financial aid by making it more widely accessible. And while it’s unlikely that NYU will become economically priced in the foreseeable future, containing rises in tuition is a good start.